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In 2007 as a beneficiary of The Prince's Trust I set up bespoke wallpaper company Bing Wallis in colloboration with my partner artist Christopher Wiles.

We made handpainted and drawn wallpaper by commission from our studio in France.

I used processes, techniques and products from my experience in scenic art to produce funtional and beautiful high pigment papers.

The subject matter came from our neglected French garden with its copious weeds and wildlife.

We began incorporating edgier themes of tattoos and graffiti.

Bing Wallis style was jolie laide, overall attractive, made so by some unattractive elements.

We used clashing colour schemes, tacky drawings and oversized weeds but our compositions were based on graceful and florid 18th Century design.

After leaving France we stopped making wallpaper to focus on design unrestricted by the limitations of the handmade process.

By using computer image manipulation programs I was able to elaborate on our designs, creating complex repeats and colour ways yet retaining the handrawn and painted element.